Les Modules Étranges, Nantes, since 2007
Baba Yaga / Osiris.


Mí na Samhna



  1. Bubonic Brown (3:44)
  2. Graveyard Earth (2:24)

Bubonic Brown. The guitar player is recorded without knowing, hence he's free from any tempo, chord grid or whatever holds us back from the primitive musical trance.

Graveyard Earth. It is the main duty for the artists to break taboos, and one of the most ancient and traditional ones is to wake up the dead and make them dance with the living.

LME 010

Baba Yaga : Voice, melodica, samples, production, recording
Osiris : percussion, vocals, production, programming.

Acoustic guitar on Bubonic Brown by Maxim Gall
Mix and mastering by Al Cable at rav3nstudio@gmail.com.

Artwork by LME 
 Released October 31 2018.